Computational Surveillance

A new perspective on saving drilling costs!

Our Product

The DrillComputer is a software application for surveillance of ongoing and historic drilling operations for the purpose of decision support. This software utilizes an ultrafast drillstring simulator in combination with massively tested pattern recognition methods. The aim is to precisely predict a variety of parameters that are crucial for understanding the operation.
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Faster than real-time computations

The computational drillstring dynamics models compute all axial and torsional motions and stresses in the drillstring for any drillstring configurations, any drilling fluid and any wellbore geometry.

High resolution graphical user interface

The software is specifically designed to handle vast amount of data at much higher resolution than what is normal in the industry. The user-friendly zooming functionality is smooth even on 1000 Hz data.

User-friendly connectivity to offset data

When analyzing problems in one well, it can be beneficial to analyze similar problems in nearby wells. Our database solution involves pre-processing your entire database with the DrillComputer.

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